Halloween 2015

Halloween was about as relaxed as you can get around here. I took out the Halloween box the first day of October. Logan played dress-up and the other kids took out the few meager decorations I have and hung them on the walls with thumb tacks. And I didn’t even move them.

Logan had a preschool trip to the pumpkin patch. A cold fog had settled in and it was frigid. The highlight (for Logan) was digging for worms. I’m sorry, but I miss Virginia, when we picked pumpkins in shorts and t-shirts.


A week before Halloween I picked up two pumpkins from Trader Joe’s. For family night the Monday before Halloween we carved them. Or should I say, the kids carved them. Christopher cut the tops off and all four kids did every bit of scooping, carving, and separating the pumpkin seeds. And Christopher roasted them. I can’t tell you how nice it was to sit back and watch everyone having fun. Older kids are the best.



Logan had a school Halloween party. I made him wear the vampire costume so he could go to the bathroom without difficulty. He was sporting his new glasses, which were ordered too big (he since has gotten a smaller pair). Poor guy has amblyopia, just like his Aunt Allison. Hopefully we caught it early enough to help him strengthen his weak eye.



We had our church Halloween party, which was a carnival, chili cook-off, and trunk or treat. Christopher made the chili, but there were some more creative entries (sweet pork chili, for example) that beat his traditional recipe. The kids were cute. I resolved to spend no almost no money on Halloween this year, so we were fortunate to receive a load of hand-me-down costumes. Megan and I attempted last-minute costumes for the party. She pulled off her mime better than my Jane Goodall. Poor Gavin had been sick with a new cold (chills, aches), so he stayed home all day Thursday and Friday, in bed or watching TV.






We had a relaxed Saturday. I think most of us were in our pajamas until it was time to go to a neighborhood potluck at 5 p.m. We ate and played, and by six it was dark and time for trick or treating. After I made him stop and let me take one picture of him, Gavin went off with his buddies, Megan took Ben, and Christopher, Logan, and I headed home. Christopher stayed home to hand out candy and I took Logan to about 10 houses before he was ready to call it a night. Gavin even beat us home and was in a hot shower before we arrived. Megan and Ben were not far behind. Since we are kind of mean parents, we only let our kids keep as many pieces of candy as their age, and the rest disappeared. Megan chopped up a bunch of candy bars and put them in the freezer. She says she’s going to use them in place of chocolate chips in cookies.




By Monday, November 2, I had washed the Halloween costumes, packed everything back up, and put the Halloween box away for next year.


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