December and Christmas

This year December was as fun-filled as ever. Between church and school activities, we stayed busy and opted out of just about everything else. Our church Christmas party was the first week of December. Crystal Fisher took Santa pictures again. Logan was not happy, which started when I wanted him to wear jeans to match the other kids.


The second week in December we celebrated Megan’s 13th birthday! We woke up very early for presents and a special breakfast since Megan leaves to catch the bus before 7:10. She got to celebrate that night with mom, Laura and Katelyn Roper. We got sushi and Ben & Jerry’s.


We visited the Bellevue Nativity, which is a stunning display. The whole building is transformed, with nativities and decorations and artwork. Logan and I dressed up as Mary and Joseph.

We spent the first few days of Christmas Break relaxing, with nothing more than a trip to the dentist. Gavin lost his second-to-last baby tooth during his cleaning. No cavities, but everyone needs to floss.


Finally, Christmas Eve morning we surprised the kids (minus Logan) with a trip to Star Wars. We saw it in a newly refurbished theater pre-grand opening. The tickets were only $5 but the seats were the most incredible I had ever seen–fully reclining! We had so much fun.




When we got home we realized the new neighborhood playground was just open. The HOA saved money by installing it in the winter, and having the neighborhood do most of the work. Christopher worked on it for eight hours one Saturday.



Christmas Eve we went to the Carls for soup and hot chocolate. The Ropers joined us. We attempted a nativity play. The kids were loud and hyper and Logan and Ben fell asleep quickly after we got home.

Christmas morning came at 6:54 after a restless night for all. We tried to go smaller this year, with a heavy emphasis on warm clothes and books, but between the consignment shop and the local “buy nothing” group, it felt like another big Christmas. They were really excited about the Costco-sized jars on Nutella in their stockings.









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