Ben’s 7th birthday!

Ben turned seven at the end of the month, and I told him I would host a small home party to celebrate. He invited four friends, and two attended, which was perfect because we still had Gavin and Logan and FIVE boys is plenty. We ate homemade pizza, played Legos, ate a yummy cake that Megan made, and watched a movie of Ben’s choice, Big Hero 6. We celebrated the Saturday night before his birthday. On Monday morning there was no school so we made a special birthday breakfast (sausage and crepes) and opened family gifts. Tuesday was his actual birthday, and Logan and I joined him in the cafeteria for lunch, and later took a bag of mandarin oranges to his classroom as a birthday treat. In addition, he got frozen yogurt after his seven-year check-up (54 pounds, 50 inches) and a trip to shoot laser guns with his dad. Our Ben was well celebrated! At seven, Ben is still incredibly energetic, but thankfully he has learned to channel his exuberance into (mostly) productive endeavors. He’s reading like a champ, loves to play outside, and is very helpful–the more challenging the task, the more enthusiastic he is. We love Ben!

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3 thoughts on “Ben’s 7th birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday Ben…..for the second time because I sent you a birthday wish on your birthday along with Emma. Maybe you didn’t get it. Great-grandma loves you very much and glad you had a great birthday.

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