Ethan’s Wedding

*Where did January go? It was the first month since 2006 that I didn’t publish a new blog post!

The day after our peaceful Christmas, Megan and I flew to Washington, D.C. for Ethan’s wedding. After a long day of traveling, my parents picked us up and we headed to the hotel in Maryland. Megan was sick and getting worse and we needed to eat, so I found us, of all things, some decent pho in a random strip mall in suburban Maryland. My dad was nice enough to drive us and they were nice enough to serve us at 10 p.m.

The next day we slept in and spent a gorgeous, warm, sunny day walking around D.C. The rest of the trip included lots of family time, a rehearsal dinner in beautiful Annapolis, the wedding at the Washington D.C. Temple, and a reception in Bel Air, MD. It was a whirlwind of busyness but so much fun. Poor Megan managed to be sick most of the time. We got her an antibiotic, inhaler, and lots of drugs, and bless her heart, she rallied the best she could. On the plane home, I gave her Advil PM and propped her against the window, where she slept most of both flights. I was happy to finally get her home and in her own bed.

The wedding was lovely. We love the Lunt family, and the Tresnaks (Hillary’s family) were there as well. The day after the wedding, Catherine’s twin sister, Cristin, got engaged to Ethan’s best friend Nathan, who is also from Maryland. We are happy and excited for all of them.

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20151227-2015-12-27 15.10.59 HDR

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20151228-2015-12-28 15.22.41

20151228-2015-12-28 15.25.32 HDR

20151228-2015-12-28 15.27.33

20151228-2015-12-28 15.57.35 HDR

20151228-2015-12-28 16.25.22-1

20151228-2015-12-28 17.40.42-1

20151229-2015-12-29 14.11.33 HDR

20151229-2015-12-29 14.11.39-1

20151229-2015-12-29 14.31.01



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