New Year’s 2016

Megan and I flew home on the 30th, and the boys were happy to see us. On New Year’s Eve my band played a gig in Kirkland, which was a lot of fun, although four hours was exhausting. I definitely won’t wear heels for a gig again.

20151231-2015-12-31 20.41.26


On New Year’s Day we made barbecue (pulled pork), collards and black eyed peas and visited Holly and Jansen and their family in Seattle. Ben loved their hyper new puppy, Cocoa. After we ate, we went to Discovery Park and walked around. It was surprisingly beautiful outside for January 1 in Seattle!

20160101-2016-01-01 15.47.34

20160101-2016-01-01 15.43.23

20160101-2016-01-01 15.42.25

20160101-2016-01-01 15.40.08

20160101-2016-01-01 15.38.11 HDR

20160101-2016-01-01 15.31.47

20160101-2016-01-01 15.25.57

20160101-2016-01-01 13.42.19

20160101-2016-01-01 13.16.53


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