Mid-Winter Break

Our mid-February week off school was low-key like last year. We had some nice weather and did a few fun things. Megan started the week with a big haircut (Locks of Love!) Later in the week we visited the Science Center and Seattle Center playground next to the EMP. Rachelle, Maddie, and Ari went with us. The three big kids (Megan, Gavin, and sometimes Ben and Maddie) went off on their own. Logan wandered off, too, but usually he could be found sitting in a model space capsule, pressing buttons and flipping switches. We only had to report “lost preschooler” to security once, and we found him fairly quickly. No tantrums, no accidents, and Waze helped us avoid traffic on the way home. Overall a successful trip!

2016-02-18 10.51.362016-02-18 14.55.42 HDR2016-02-18 14.22.442016-02-18 10.57.332016-02-15 12.33.162016-02-15 09.22.41-12016-02-09 11.34.49


3 thoughts on “Mid-Winter Break

  1. Megan’s long hair was so beautiful! I am glad she donated it to Locks of Love. Someone will just love that beautiful strawberry blonde. So proud of her ♥

  2. Locks of Love is a sham. You should’ve asked me about it. Haha. I did tons of research because I thought I’d donate before I sold my hair, and Locks of Love actually end up selling a lot of what they get and don’t make wigs out of it. And the wigs they make they don’t give out for free, and it’s not for kids with cancer like a lot of people think. There is a better organization I think associated with Pantene.

    That playground is amazing though! WOW. My kids would love that. There is nothing that cool in Austin.

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