Catching up – April 2016

April was…

A trip to Utah to meet up with new friends (and bosses) Naomi and Dianne, co-founders of Aspiring Mormon Women. While there I also got to see Linda, Rand, Jeff, Caroline and kids, Jeremy, Leslie, and kids, and Ethan and Catherine.

2016-04-02 12.45.41 HDR-2 - Edited2016-04-03 09.27.34 - Edited

A hike with friends through Bellevue/Issaquah on Cougar Mountain…2016-04-17 18.08.26 - Edited

Gavin and best bud Warren2016-04-17 17.47.30 HDR-2 - Edited2016-04-17 18.15.43 HDR-2 - Edited2016-04-17 18.16.46-2 - Edited2016-04-17 18.09.502016-04-17 16.54.132016-04-17 18.16.16

Megan participated in middle school track. It wasn’t her favorite, and she regrets choosing it over drama club, but we were super proud of her for trying something new.

2016-04-28 17.49.002016-04-28 18.37.30 HDR-3 - Edited

The “Rig-a-pa-looza” at Sammamish Commons. It was also the Grand Opening of the Sammamish YMCA, our new favorite place. The younger boys and I spent the morning climbing in the big rigs and playing games at the Y.

2016-04-30 10.17.12-12016-04-30 10.04.16-32016-04-30 10.02.37-1

Spring Break trip to the Seattle Center and Pacific Science Center. The big kids watched an IMAX; Logan was content to play with the water.

2016-04-12 12.55.03-12016-04-12 12.13.292016-04-12 16.52.09 - Edited

A few days of unseasonably warm temperatures made our first lake day of 2016! Sadly there have been few lake days this year… (July 9 and 65 degrees…)

2016-04-07 17.23.292016-04-07 17.21.19-1


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