Time flies

Megan asked a few days ago, “Why is this week going by so fast?!”

Here’s why.

1. EdVenture, the largest children’s museum in the South.

2. Riverbanks Zoo. A million visitors a year, and about half of them were there Thursday morning. Surprisingly, the crowds weren’t bad except to see the gorillas. We stayed an hour and a half and the kids got to feed a giraffe, pet a giant tortoise, and see the monkeys, hippos, lions, bears, penguins, and flamingos. Best quote of the day was from my mom: “That penguin looks pregnant.” Second best quote of the day. “Grammy, what do toucans eat?” Mom: “Fruit Loops.” She’s a comedienne, my mom.

3. Shopped for a formal dress, for me. After trying on about 50 (remember, bean pole, no boobs, and Mormon) I found a gorgeous blue one and a less-formal little black dress, which I had to get because it was on sale.

4. Potty trained Gavin. Seriously. My parents are house breaking their new puppy, so I decided to potty train Gavin at their house. He has done amazing! The first day or two were rough. He peed in his pants about 15 times and was “scared” to poop, but a few days later he seems to have the hang of it. I think we’ve gotten over the worst of it.

5. Baby shower for my cousin Kelly. My aunt and uncle have three grown children and a bunch of land out in the middle of nowhere. Two of the grown children (my cousins) are building 4,000 square foot homes on the land. Kelly, the baby of the family, will probably build a house out there someday, too. Now, I’m more of a city girl. I like to live close to everything. But it sure was nice to let my kids roam freely outside with all the other kids. My two cousins who are building homes have 7 kids under age 8 between the two of them, and Megan and Gavin made 9. When I saw three little boys playing baseball with a wiffle ball and a stick, it made me think country life may not be so bad at all.

6. Got Allison ready for prom. This included dress shopping, picking up dyed shoes, hair, makeup, and nails, and, of course, picture-taking. She looked beautiful. Her boyfriend is really sweet. She’s going to have a blast tonight.

7. Played at the park. There a great playground close to my house that I take the kids to. I always laugh a little when we go there because its where I went to make out with all my high school boyfriends. All two of them.

8. Saw two movies in the theater.

9. Visited Grandma and Earl. Grandma made us homemade spaghetti for lunch. Yum. Played at the park in Lexington.

10. Visited Papa and Grandma.

11. Megan went to work with Allison, who works in the nursery at the local athletic club.

12. Took my mom out to dinner to Red Bowl. Introduced her to Thai Green Curry Chicken. She thought it was “bland.” But then she was disappointed when I ate the leftovers today.

13. I left Gavin with my dad for half an hour. When I came home, my dad was teaching him the names of all the golfers playing in the masters. He knew Tiger Woods and Steve Flesch but still has a ways to go.

14. Grocery shopping at the commissary. Twice.

15. Tried to keep up with church responsibilities, DPA stuff, unpaid bills. The usual…

16. Time to drive home tomorrow. I need a break from my vacation.


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